Pathe Film

A fantastic old clip of Salterns from Pathe Film was recently discovered by a current SSC member. The clip filmed in 1960 shows Moth sailing and some faces which I’m sure some of the more mature Old Salts will recognise.

Various LSs. and MSs. Moth class yachts under way. MS. Children on bank watching. LS. Pan round the harbour at Lymington showing yachts. Various shots of children in yachts and of the yachts, under way. MS. Children on bank applauding. CU. Children on bank applauding. CU. Girl in bikini waving. MS. LS. People on bank watching. Two LSs. (gag shot) as boy falls out of boat and swims after it. Various shots, children in yachts, girls and boys. LS. CU.s people on bank watching. LS. Yachts under way. Various shots (gag shot) as yacht capsizes and boy trying to right it.

We would be interested to know if anyone can name some of the people featured or even remember this being filmed!